"Centre of Space Technologies mission is to conduct research in the field of space technology for the needs of their implementation by the national and international traders."

    Aircraft Propulsion Division

    Range of activities:
    • Piston engines tests
    • Jet engines dyno tests
    • Measurements of aircraft noise
    • Test flow


Space Technologies Division

Range of activities:
  • Designing of power systems of rocket engines
  • Modeling of injection and mixture formation
  • Analyses of combustion processes
  • Construction optimization due to the thermo- mechanical loads
  • Numerical simulations of rocket flight
  • Numerical simulations of single-and multiphase flows
  • Computational analysis of the carrier rocket elements strength
  • Development of software which facilitate the design process


Range of activities:
  • research & development, design & engineering
  • short ‑ run manufacturing in the area of avionic equipment and systems
  • measuring and diagnostic systems
  • installations for airplanes, helicopters and unmanned air vehicles

Remote Sensing Division

Range of activities:
  • Acquisition of multispectral images,
  • Aerial and satellite images processing
  • Measurement of spectral curves and spectroscopy
  • Integration of optical systems
  • Precise measurements and mapping
  • Creating and supplying Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Creating 3D models


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