Remote Sensing Division

At the Remote Sensing Division of the Institute of Aviation, numerous projects are being implemented (including project co-financed from the European Commission Life + HESOFF). Employees have extensive commercial experience and rich scientific advances. Remote Sensing Division deals with, broadly understood, data acquisition and processing, and its offer is as follows:

Implementation of remote sensing missions based on air and satellite observations:

  • mission preparation and planning,
  • acquisition  of aerial photographs,
  • acquisition of scenes and satellite data,
  • preliminary assessment and analysis of the collected data.

Processing and validation of observation data collected during the mission:

  • conducting multispectral analyzes,
  • statistical analysis of observational data,
  • conducting numerical simulations of planned observation missions.

Remote Sensing Division consists also of the Earth Observation Mission Control Center (EOMC2), which has the ability to acquire satellite data in real time, and a very wide range of equipment with high research and development potential:

  • spectrometers: laboratory, field and XRF,
  • cameras working in the visible range: fixed focal length, industrial and sports,
  • multispectral platforms: QUERCUS.6, QUERCUS.2, Tetracam,
  • advanced laboratory and calibration equipment: oscilloscopes, radiometric markers (calibration discs),
  • geodetic equipment: RTK GPS receiver, total station
  • professional photogrammetry station, along with advanced software and devices for its operation.

Head of Remote Sensing Division

Mariusz Kacprzak, MSc. Eng.
Phone: +48 22 846 00 11 ext. 896
E-mail: mariusz.kacprzak[at]