Piston Engine Laboratory

silnik D18The Lab conducts research works on:

  • Main engine’s characteristics according to national and international standards
  • Fumes emission according to ECE Regulation R24
  • Emissions of gaseous exhaust pollutants and particles according to ECE Regulation R49 to determine basic performance curves


• Measurements of temperature in the range of 0 – 200 ° C
• Measurement of the temperature in the range 200 – 1000 ° C
• Measurements of rotational speed
• Measurements of torque
• Measurements of fuel consumption
• Measurements of air consumption and exhaust gases flow
• Measuring and recording of fast-changing parameters ( injection pressure and combustion )
hamownia-silnikow-lotniczychCalculation of motor parameters and emissions of toxins in accordance with the Rules of ECE R49
• Determining of characteristics: velocity, load, regulatory, external power partial , general regulatory and idling.
• R & D activity on piston engines with a power range from 30 kW to 400 kW aimed at optimization of the combustion process, the selection of the intake system, the selection of injection and turbocharging.
The laboratory has Research Laboratory Accreditation Certificate No. AB 130
confirming compliance with the requirements of PN -EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 granted by the Polish Centre for Accreditation.