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Remote Sensing Data Analysis Team

 Laboratorium pozyskiwania znaczników spektralnych- RYS NR 2

  • Processing and validation of remote sensing data collected during different  missions, multispectral analysis
  • analysis of different data sources correlations
  • remote sensing data reduction, numerical simulations of remote sensing data missions

Laboratories of Remote Sensing Data Analysis Team:

Spectral Signatures Measurements Laboratory:

  • Measurement of spectral signatures of different materials, objects or chemical compounds.
  • Monitoring of spectral signatures variation of chemical reactions, biological processes, etc.
  • Example: Monitoring of NDVI and NDWI variations of oak leaves during the plant diurnal cycle and when exposed to vegetation stress (drought, excessive exposure, etc.)
  • Spectral range: 400 – 1200 nm
  • Maximum experiment duration: 72 hours, 6 measurements per second
  • Exporting data to spectral signatures database

Laboratorium pozyskiwania znaczników spektralnych-RYS NR 1