Space Technologies Division

rakieta_RDE-—-kopiaThe main area of academic interest of Space Technologies Team are issues related to the development of space assets in the areas of propulsion technology and delivery into orbit methods.
During realization of projects and research on liquid rocket engines, environmental friendly (eco), fuels and research on hybrid rocket engines, laboratory professionals acquire knowledge of construction equipment and systems, control, modern materials and thermodynamic processes research/studies.

Issues undertaken by the Team include:
• Designing of power systems of rocket enginesPolePrzeplywu-—-kopia • Modeling of injection and mixture formation
• Analyses of combustion processes
• Construction optimization due to the thermo- mechanical loads
• Numerical simulations of rocket flight
• Numerical simulations of single-and multiphase flows
• Computational analysis of carrier rocket elements strength
• Development of software which facilitate the design process

PTK also develops comprehensive solutions for test beds, which are intended to allow for professional testing of individual components of rocket engines and the parameters of their operation. In the future they will allow teams of engineers, equipped with unique in our countries’ research and measurement equipment, for the close cooperation and implementation of national R & D projects as well as international.
The structures of PTK ‘s include also Laboratory of Propellants, Rocket Engine Dynamometer
and Control Room.

Research in Laboratory of Propellants include:

• Development of innovative technology of hydrogen peroxide concentration methods for rockets
• Research on propellants for solid and hybrid rocket engines.
• Compatibility testing of construction materials
• Examination of storage http
• Self-ignition test of HTP with selected fuels

TestSilnikaFor over four years works are carried out on, among others, the hydrogen peroxide as a propellant.
The works result is a developed technology for obtaining laboratory quantities of HTP with the highest performance. The Department strategy involves developing this technology while conducting a number of research and development that utilize HTP as a fuel or oxidant.
Research and development personnel originating from the Warsaw University of Technology has professional education, as well as active participation in the learning process of students as future employees of PTK.

In addition, PTK cooperates with the Warsaw University and the Bumar Group.
In the near future, PTK will use his experience and laboratories/test beds within the international project PulCheR (FP7 ), which will include the provider of HTP samples and will perform tests with HTP self-ignition together with hydrocarbon fuels.StanowiskoTestowe
Joining international projects forces the employees to constant verification needs of the market and find potential niches. Thanks to the involvement of the above- mentioned work they gain experience and knowledge unusual in other scientific centers in Poland.

Manager of Space Technologies Division
Adam Okniński M. Sc. Eng.
Phone: (+48) 22 846 00 11 ext. 321
Fax: (+48) 22 846 44 32