Standardization activity at the Institute of Aviation includes activities executed within the following Technical Committees of the Polish Committee for Standardization PKN:

  • PKN/TC 19 Aircraft and Space Vehicle Engineering
  • PKN/TC 177 Design and Manufacturing of Armament and Material
  • PKN/TC 236 Fasteners and Assembly Tools
  • PKN/TC 176 Military Technology and Supplies
  • PKN/TC 138 Railway Applications
  • PKN/TC 225 Light Non-Ferrous Metals

The secretariats of TC 19 and TC 177 are held by the Institute of Aviation basing on the lifetime agreement concluded with the Polish Committee for Standardization.
The representative of the Institute of Aviation acts as the TC 19, TC 177 and TC 236 chairman as well as the chairman of the Sector Councils of: Logistics, Transport and Packaging Sector (SLT), Machinery and Engineering Sector (SMT) and as the Defence and Public Security Sector (SB) chairman.

Standardization works at the Institute of Aviation are targeted at providing opinions on European Standards and the European standardization documents’ projects from the thematic scope of: aircrafts and space vehicles, equipment and accessories, general issues on the aircraft design, propulsions, assemblies, parts, elements, non-metallic materials and technological processes, air transport, air traffic management (ATM), aircraft ground support equipment, Quality Management Systems (QMS) for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations and Long term archiving and retrieval of digital technical product documentation (LOTAR).

Among the work conducted by TC No 19 are being developed Polish versions of European Standards harmonized with the Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006 on machinery, which stipulate the requirements needed to be met by the aircraft ground support equipment and devices. Moreover, the employees directly involved in the standardization activity provide assistance for all of those who are interested in settling the doubts concerning interpretation of the resolve provided in the standards and standardization documents from the TC topic’s scope mentioned above.

We conduct translations to Polish of the standards and standardization documents published in original. We assist in searching the standards of the particular thematic scope,
we grant the information on the updates and the current state of the standardization works in ISO and CEN.

Institute of Aviation also runs a library of standards and standardization documents of various type, emitted by miscellaneous standardization and normalizing organizations. It’s collection mounts to about 10 000 items and still grows.

The electronic version of the catalogue of standards and standardization documents is also available on the Institute of Aviation’s website in the tab: