Turbojet Engine Laboratory

Our engine test facility enables turbojet engine testing with thrust up to 5000 daN with automated digital control. Digital data acquisition and processing systems enable automatic monitoring the entire test and data visualization in the form of standard protocols (including characteristics of engine being tested, working time, data on dynamic engine parameters: start time, acceleration and deceleration, etc.). A computer-aided automatic engine control system is used. The laboratory equipment enables non-standard engine tests.

• Dynamic stresses measurements of rotating engine parts (e.g. compressor and turbine blades)
• Turbine blades temperature measurements (in working engine)
• Analysis of engine vibrations
• Analysis of rotating separation zones inside turbine engine compressors in transient states
• Compressor stable operating range determination (in working engine)
• Jet engines impact test (up to 180 m/s)
• Balancing rotating assemblies (engine and other)
• Discs and hubs ultimate load tests
• Low-cycle fatigue strength of discs and hubs